River Terrace Memory Care maintains Covid-free status


River Terrace Memory Care continues to maintain its Covid-free status. This Coronavirus period of 2020 has been very challenging, to say the least. One of the areas that has been most difficult for residents and their family members is the inability to have in-person visits. From the very beginning our mission has been clear: to find creative ways to ensure that family visits occur.

We started by creating opportunities for loved-ones to visit via Zoom, on tablets or other smart devices. Those were successful, so we decided to improve upon it and next came up with our window visits. Residents could safely sit in our front activity room space and chat through the front windows of River Terrace with their family members. That worked pretty well too, even though phones still had to be utilized for better hearing and communication.

Next, we had our inaugural Family Parade on the 4th of July. This event involved of family members driving, riding bikes and walking past the front and side of our community. That event was so successful that we will be having another one called the Tail-Gaiter Parade. On August 28th families will dress up and deck out their vehicles in collegiate sports colors to express their love for Ducks, Beavers and other mascots.

Recently, we added another family visiting option. We purchased a clear, plastic guard window that we placed in our front courtyard so that residents and their family members could sit face-to-face and chat. Family members have expressed gratitude of our efforts to facilitate safe visiting.

July 22, 2020

River Terrace Memory Care continues to maintain its Covid-free status. Per State guidelines we have visitor restrictions in-place. These visitor restrictions make it a bit more challenging for family members to connect with their loved ones. Family members connect via regular zoom calls and window visits. The window visits are safe because family members wear masks and are at least 6 feet from a resident. To enhance family connections River Terrace recently purchased a 5 foot tall by 5 foot wide sneeze guard. This sneeze guard is set-up in our front courtyard, which then enables residents and their respective family members to safely sit very close to one another without needing to wear masks and have good conversations.

River Terrace has successfully safely moved in several new residents into the community. In addition to the normal protocols that exist for any new resident to ensure that their individualized care needs are superbly met from day one, there are additional protocols to protect the new resident as well as the rest of the community. Potential new residents are respectfully screened for the existence of Covid. The furniture and clothes of the new resident are all thoroughly cleaned and brought into River Terrace by employees. The new resident resides in their room for a period of time so that our medical personnel can monitor for potential signs and symptoms of Covid. As a new resident acclimates to River Terrace several recent family members report feeling very impressed with the level of thorough communication and organization of River Terrace.

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