Brain Music

Our Caring Places Management individualized Brain Music program is available at all Memory Care communities and some of our Assisted Living locations. For most people, music is a big part of our lives. Therefore, it makes sense that music would play a big part in our community activities and it does. Residents tend to love performances by entertainers, sing-alongs, and all other activities where the stereo is playing their favorite hits in the background. Music uplifts the spirit and makes us want to move! These activities are wonderful and meaningful, but they are done on a schedule and designed for broad Resident appeal. We and our performers try to do our best to ensure this music is as fun, age appropriate, and popular with the Residents, but is not personal to each resident.

Music has been proven to be an especially powerful in helping residents with dementia, but often the performers or music during large group activities does not engage residents on a personal level. Therefore, our Brain Music program works to make the music selection very personal, our team assists with use at the right times and for the right amount of time for that one resident, and we have seen this become a very powerful and beneficial tool for the resident. The right music at the right time can speak to us like nothing else can. The music triggers emotion and memory and uses different parts of the brain than other functions, like speech and movement. When used in the right way and at the right times, it can transform a Residents quality of life and ease the effects of many physical and cognitive impairments. Occasionally the benefits of the music are minor or subtle, but often they are immediate, clear, and beneficial outcomes for the Resident, producing mind-blowing outcomes for our care teams and Resident loved ones.

Resident benefits seen from the Caring Places Management Brain Music program have and may include:

  • Improved communication ability
  • Increased social interactions
  • Improved mood
  • Happier
  • Decreased agitation or anxiety
  • Improved mobility
  • Less resistant to care
  • Avoid certain triggered behaviors altogether

For the residents we serve in our communities, even the smallest improvement in any of these areas can have a big impact on their overall quality of life.

Please discuss the CPM Brain Music program, and request documents such as the Resident specific Music List Request form, with your community Administrator.