Assisted Living

We don’t want to be “just like home”, We want your Caring Place to be home.

Assisted Living combines the privacy of individual apartments with community living. We provide three nutritious meals in a resident dining room, appropriate and engaging daily activities, assistance with transportation to appointments, and weekly housekeeping/laundry services. We then work with you as a team to design a personalized care plan (or “service plan” per industry) to identify those additional daily tasks that require our caring and professional assistance with personalized approach tailored to your specific needs.

The vision, purpose, and goal of our communities is to promote independence, choice, and dignity in a home-like setting while offering assistance with only those things needed or requested by the resident and their medical professional. We want each resident to remain as independent and active as possible and to enjoy every day in their community.

Although each community is designed slightly differently and items are changed out to best meet resident needs and preferences, programs and spaces we strive to see in every Caring Places Management Assisted Living community are:

  • Card/puzzle table(s) for resident use in resident accessible spaces
  • Smooth and comfortable outdoor walking paths
  • Well landscaped property for enjoyable outdoor experience
  • Furniture provided for comfortable outdoor seating
  • Clearly labeled hallways for easy way finding
  • Resident-to-Staff (“Nurse”) Call/Alert system provided
  • Outdoor area where resident gardening is encouraged if desired
  • Coordination for transportation through community vehicle or outside provider
  • Monthly Resident Council and other open communication with Administrator encouraged to voice concerns or desires
  • Area for group activities
  • Area(s) for music entertainers to perform within common areas
  • Access to a public, non-pay, telephone

Our Assisted Living Communities