Outdoor Performances

Our South Beach Manor Memory Care community continues to think outside the box in engaging their residents in fun and entertaining events.  With the ability to keep social distance and other safety measures they have been able to enjoy many different outdoor performances.  Here are some details on what they have been doing!

We continue to have our outdoor performances! We have expanded our repertoire to include other than musical performances!

We had two lambs visit with their darling owners, M’Kenzie and Briahna, explaining so much for us! Abut 15 of our residents were outside to share in the fun and ask questions as the lambs so obediently paraded around.

Vladimir, an amazing violinist, actually has performed for us two times in the last month! His riveting performance on violin was enjoyed by so many residents out in the fresh air. We hope to see Vladimir again when he travels through our area, as he is relocating.

We look forward to Barb returning with her vibraphone and keyboards, and who knows what else she has up her sleeve! Our residents love her music and she is very interactive!

We are definitely being creative during this interesting time in all of our lives! Stay well and let’s continue to support each other in rich and supportive ways!!!

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