Exceeding Expectations for Loving, Thoughtful Care

Our mission has been Exceeding Expectations for Loving, Thoughtful Care and we at Caring Places Management and its communities have been working on this while providing “caring places” for seniors throughout the Pacific Northwest since 1991. We pride ourselves on our reputation for caring, thoughtful service in a homelike environment.

Our Guiding Principles Since 1991

When living at home is no longer an option, you need a Caring Place

Since we opened our doors in 1991, our guiding principles have been to develop and operate “caring places”. To us, “caring places” are a result of daily dedication to caring for our residents, their family and friends, our employees, and the communities in which we reside. “Caring Places” while providing “Loving” care means that we know the individuals for whom we care for; what makes them who they are, their stories, their friends, their families, their strengths and their weaknesses, their likes and dislikes. Providing “Thoughtful” care considers all aspects of their lives including life enrichment, independence, freedom of choice, dignity, privacy, safety, and sense of well-being. To “Exceed Expectations” means going beyond the norm, doing everything expected, and then reaching even further. We strive and continuously work to create within each care community a compassionate living environment which fosters personal independence, freedom, dignity, privacy, safety, and a sense of well-being within a “caring place”.

Each Caring Place is not like home, but is Home

Humbled by the kind words of those we serve...

Nothing makes us happier and reminds us of why we do it than to hear that we’ve achieved our mission of providing loving, thoughtful care to our residents. After all, each Caring Place is not like home, but is Home.

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Ready to set up a tour at one of our communities and learn more about what we do? Maybe you just have a few questions about the Assisted Living and Memory Care process in general. Our teams strive to be tremendous resources in the senior care industry, regardless of where you chose to call home, and we’re here to help.