Memory Care

Every one of our residents has treasures buried by dementia. Our job is to uncover them.

Our vision in Memory Care is twofold; to keep each senior functioning at their highest possible level and to provide life enrichment every day. Regardless of the care model in place, it is ultimately the caregiver that makes the real difference. For this reason, we strive to ensure our caregivers have the right heart, the right mindset, and the needed compassion to truly provide memory care for those navigating the difficult battle through Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and other forms of memory loss.

We view each day as a treasure hunt. Each one of our residents has treasures that have been buried by dementia and our job is to uncover them by getting to know who our residents are and were. We strive to understand their reality instead of fighting to get them to adhere to ours. We adapt to these realities and attempt to validate and ease any concerns, genuine or perceived. Our model of care creates an environment that works to significantly reduce the fear, frustration, agitation, and anxiety that normally results from Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and other forms of memory loss.
Our Caring Places communities strive to maintain the leading edge and set the industry standard for specialized dementia care. We do this by working to keep in the loop and up to date of industry research and development by attending and providing continuing education, and by implementing and striving to maintain a care approach that is focused on the individual, their needs, and how we can work with the resident within their own strengths and limitations to best meet those needs.

Although each community is designed slightly differently and items are changed out to best meet resident needs and preferences, programs and spaces we strive to see in every Caring Places Management Assisted Living community are:

  • Card/puzzle table(s) for resident use in resident accessible spaces
  • Smooth and comfortable outdoor walking paths
  • Well landscaped property for enjoyable outdoor experience
  • Furniture provided for comfortable outdoor seating
  • Clearly labeled hallways and apartments for easy way finding
  • Resident-to-Staff (“Nurse”) Call/Alert system provided
  • Outdoor area where resident gardening is encouraged if desired
  • Secure outdoor space free of toxic or hazardous plants
  • Coordination for transport through community vehicle or outside provider
  • Monthly Resident/Family Council and other open communication with Administrator encouraged to voice concerns or desires
  • Area for group activities
  • Area(s) for music entertainers to perform within common areas
  • Access to a public, non-pay, telephone

Life Skill Stations promoting self-directed engagement and activities with the intent to provide the resident purpose, pleasure, or peace. Examples of these include:

  • Kitchenette with towel sorting, dish cleaning and/or organizing, sorting and putting away groceries, and even small “meal” preparation tasks when resident appropriate, etc.
  • Workshop with resident safe and appropriate tools and handy projects like assembling drainage pipe systems, putting together and/or painting bird houses, sorting socket sets or screws, etc.
  • Quilting / Sewing with various fabric squares of different shapes and color for sorting, flattening, or sewing with supervision when resident appropriate
  • Nursery area(s) with crib, changing table, chairs, nursery decorations, babies, etc for those residents when desired.
  • Library / Office with bookshelves and books for resident use, files for sorting and organizing, resident safe office supplies, calendar, etc.

Our Memory Care Communities