Memory Care

Every one of our residents has treasures buried by dementia. Our job is to uncover them.

Our Vision

Our vision in Memory Care is twofold; to keep each senior functioning at their highest possible level and to provide life enrichment every day. Regardless of the care model in place, it is ultimately the caregiver that makes the real difference. Our caregivers have the right heart, the right mindset, and the needed compassion to truly provide memory care.

We view each day as a treasure hunt. Each one of our residents has treasures that have been buried by dementia, and our job is uncovering them by getting to know who our residents are and were and understanding their reality. We adapt to these realities and validate any concerns, genuine or perceived. Our model of care creates an environment that significantly reduces the fear, frustration, agitation, and anxiety that normally results from memory loss.

Our Caring Places strive to maintain the leading edge and set the industry standard for specialized dementia care. We do this by keeping abreast of industry research and development, by providing continuing education, and by implementing a care approach that is focused on the individual.

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