About Us

When living at home is no longer an option, you need a Caring Place.

Pioneers in Oregon: Caring Places Management Edition

In response to new federal laws for senior living, in 1988 the State of Oregon launched a major new statewide initiative to support the development of assisted living. At that time, assisted living was defined as “a group residential setting not licensed as a nursing facility that provides or arranges personal care to meet functional requirements and routine nursing services.” This initiative allowed for the caring of seniors utilizing a less restrictive and more social model of care rather than the more traditional of the time, medical model of care. The Forest Grove Beehive, which opened in 1991, was one of the first facilities approved for this type of care and remains a staple within the company and the greater community of our Home Office location in Forest Grove, Oregon.

pi·o·neer (noun): a person who is among the first to explore or settle a new country or area.

Our Vision for the Future

The Corona Virus pandemic of 2020 has taught us how technology can be used to improve healthcare delivery, even in a heavily “hands on” service industry like assisted living and memory care. Virtual tours, virtual interviews, virtual care conferencing, digital communications with physicians and pharmacies, and even our CPM music program use aspects of technology to facilitate our connections with our residents and their families.  In order to be truly Caring Places, we will need to continue to innovate in our use of technology. Our proprietary resident information system will allow us to keep at the cutting edge of this innovation.

That said, being a Caring Place in a “hands on” industry still requires that loving, thoughtful communication and personal touch with our residents.  It will always be in those private, intimate moments, when a loving caregiver is helping a resident, where true Caring occurs.

Caring Places is committed to realizing the full potential of its current communities while always looking for new opportunities to improve and move forward. Regulations, information, and times will continue to change, but the loving care that defines our mission will remain constant.

As pioneers in this industry, we are dedicated to taking what we’ve learned in the past 30 years and continue to forge ahead and blaze our trail.

Our Story

This mostly family-owned business continues to add “caring places” for seniors throughout the Pacific Northwest. We pride ourselves on our reputation for caring, thoughtful service.

Since we opened our doors in 1991, our mission has been to develop and operate “caring places”; senior care communities that holistically benefit their residents, resident families, employees, and the communities in which they are located. We create within each care community a compassionate living environment which fosters personal independence, freedom, dignity, privacy, safety, and a sense of well-being. We are proud to provide management and support to 20 Caring Places locations across the Pacific Northwest. Each of our physical properties are unique, having its own personality and unique physical features and design. Select on a specific community location or type of care needed (Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care) at the top of the page for more information on any specific community or are need.