The Vaccine is Here… What Next?

Our Caring Places Management team is thrilled that the COVI-19 vaccination is now available to all of our residents and staff, at each of our 20 communities. The vaccination for the COVID-19 virus has been long awaited and brings a new sense of hope and light to the difficult days we have been facing over this past year. We understand the excitement of our residents and their families in the hope the limitations in visiting their loved ones will be lifted as soon as each community is vaccinated. We have no greater desire to open the doors to each community and welcome in the families of those we care for.

Caring Places is partnering with 3 difference pharmacies throughout the PNW to schedule each community for their vaccination clinic. We are in the process and have seen several successful clinics held by a number of our communities. Each community is working in conjunction with staff and nurses to administer the vaccine to all who want it. Getting the vaccination is a very personal decision and we honor each resident’s and staff member’s choice. It is our hope that with this vaccination we can mitigate any risk and exposure within our facilities. We encourage each resident and staff member to participate in the battle against COVID-19 by choosing to receive the vaccination.

As the vaccination roll out continues and more and more people are vaccinated it is natural to assume that the communities will open their doors and allow families to visit as they have in the past. Unfortunately, that won’t necessarily be the case, at least not now. With the new variant strain of the COVID-19 virus appearing in the United States we will still be under the jurisdiction of local state and county officials in the re-opening of our communities. It is up to each state and county to provide the instructions and guidelines to safely re-opening our communities. Each community will be bound by the local health authorities, these decisions are not made by the administrators in our communities. That being said, the vaccinations will undoubtedly accelerate the state’s decision-making process. We remain hopeful, but patient.

Caring Places is continuing to make every effort to keep our communities COVID-19 free. We appreciate your support as we continue to navigate through this pandemic. We ask that you continue in patience as the roll out of the vaccination continues and we have the opportunity to protect our vulnerable population. It is our mission to keep your loved ones happy and healthy. We are keeping our residents connected with family virtually and in limited in-person visits. We will keep you informed as we anticipate and adjust to changes in limitations and restrictions. As always if you have questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to your community administrator. Thank you for your support and patience.

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