The Downside of Living Alone and How Assisted Living Can Help

Seniors often overlook the benefits of assisted living communities to pursue elderly aging in place. This is especially common among people who have lived in their homes for decades and prefer their own company. However, over time, seniors face obstacles that make living alone worrisome.

The Risk of Seniors Living Alone

Some people live out their entire lives in their homes and do so safely and happily. These seniors generally remain active and healthy into their older years and have strong support systems to lean on. However, the reality is different for most seniors.

Family Dependence and Caregiving

Having support from your family is a fantastic gift. Knowing you can always call on someone when you need help is a good feeling. However, caregiving can become taxing on family members, especially when advancing in their careers and raising young children. Dependence on others is why so many seniors end up moving in with their children or moving into assisted living. The burden of caring for an aging loved one can be difficult and draining. One benefit of moving your loved one into an assisted living community allows you and your loved one to focus on your bond and relationship rather than the checklist of needs they may have.

Safety and Health Concerns

Aging is a beautiful process, but it also takes a toll on the body. In fact, at least 85% of seniors have at least one chronic illness, and 60% have two or more. These illnesses can worsen over time and make it difficult or dangerous for seniors to remain home alone. When they become too complex for family members to care for, it might be time to consider assisted living.

Decreased Mobility

One way aging takes a toll on the body is to make it more difficult to stay active. Even when seniors do not have issues regarding weight, bones or muscles, they become less agile over time. This can increase the likelihood of pain and even falls. In the case of an emergency, it could take some time before the person receives help.

Social Isolation

One of the most challenging things to become accustomed to in older years is losing friends in the most permanent way possible. This can lead to loneliness and depression, especially when losing a spouse. It might also take family members some time to catch on to the weight of the loss and not feel able to fill that gap.

Memory Loss

Some seniors have brains sharper than a 30-year-old. Even so, 40% of seniors have a memory-related condition as a direct result of growing old. It can take some time for family members or even seniors to realize what is going on. Memory loss can happen gradually which makes it difficult for family members to recognize deficiencies in their loved one’s care. Struggling seniors can forget to pay essential bills, take medication and even forget to eat. By the time family realizes what’s happening, their loved one could be facing serious harm.

The Benefits of Assisted Living

While moving into assisted living can feel hard, it has a little something to offer all seniors.


Spending time with your children and grandchildren is likely the highlight of your week. Even so, you might miss the company of other seniors who can share similar memories and generational context. Assisted living provides an excellent opportunity for suitable friendships. This helps prevent isolation and feelings of loneliness.

Senior Activities

Remaining active is one of the best ways to keep the mind and body young. This is true for not just physical activity but mental activity. Assisted living homes tend to have regular activities planned that you could participate in. This is an excellent way to make friends, learn new skills and pick up old hobbies.

Constant Care

If you experience a medical emergency in assisted living, there are professionals present to tend to you. These professionals also provide regular care throughout the day, which is crucial if you’re actively managing a chronic illness.

Safe Transportation

Every so often, you might want to leave the assisted living community. If you are well and cleared for travel, you can coordinate safe transportation within the assisted living community. This provides peace of mind for family members. It also offers you an opportunity to explore and pursue activities outside of the assisted living community.

The Bottom Line

As people grow older, the need for a helping hand grows. It is tempting to go at it alone for as long as possible, and sometimes people realize they need help a little too late. In some cases, family members are unable to provide a helping hand without making significant sacrifices in their careers or family life.

At Caring Places Management, we’re working hard every day to improve the level and quality of care we provide to residents. We hire experienced and well-trained professionals who have both the educational qualifications and needed compassion for the job.

Adult children and their parents are welcome to visit our locations and see our communities firsthand. We believe that when you see how happy and healthy our residents are, you will feel more confident about your decision. Schedule a tour today!

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When living alone becomes too difficult for seniors, assisted living may be the best solution.

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