Make Your Senior Community Your Next Family Home

While most individuals plan to retire and live out their golden years in their family homes, such hopes are not always realistic. Older age comes with several challenges that make it difficult for older adults to live independently, such as illness, immobility, and decreased cognitive function. When health problems begin to interfere with one’s ability to safely live on their own, families must then decide what comes next? Where is mom or dad going to live?

If you and your family have come to the point where it’s time to look for alternative senior living arrangements, there are several factors you will need to consider. While cost, level of care, and family arrangements are among the top considerations, one crucial factor you should not overlook is location.

The Importance of Location in a Senior Home

When it comes to buying a home, location is the single most important factor potential buyers consider. Why? Because while you can change practically everything about a physical space itself, you cannot change the surrounding area. At the end of the day, individuals want to be located in a place that makes them happy. This statement is as true for elderly persons transitioning into senior living communities as it is for first-time homebuyers.

Whether you’re looking for a care home for yourself or a loved one, do not disregard a place’s location. Some top considerations for deciding where to live are as follows:

  • Family: For many people, living near friends and loved ones is far more important than anything else. If you or your loved one can relate to this, finding the ideal senior home near the grandkids is vital.
  • Things To Do: Seniors, like everyone else, want to feel empowered, and the best way to empower them is to give them options for entertainment. Senior living centers that offer activities both in and outside their walls are more likely to house happy residents. In addition to looking for nearby parks, museums, and shops check out the different activities and programs available within the community.
  • Atmosphere: Atmosphere can have a drastic effect on mental and physical well-being. For instance, lack of sunshine can make people sad, and increased precipitation levels can cause a person’s serotonin levels to dip. Rain and cold also cause or exacerbate bodily pain. Sunshine and warmth, on the other hand, encourage physical activity, improve memory and boost mood.

If you call Oregon or Washington home, there are several senior living options that provide residents with the amenities and services they deserve to make Caring Places senior living community their home. See how some of Caring Places communities measure up.

Chinook Place Assisted Living and Memory Care in Central Oregon

Chinook Place, located in Madras, Oregon, offers several senior care levels, including assisted living, and memory care. The community itself is intimate, consisting of 13 assisted-living units, and 17 memory care apartments and offers several senior-friendly activities. As for the town, it boasts moderate weather year-round and plenty of things to do.

Residents enjoy mild temperatures every season. Unlike the rest of Oregon, rainy days in Madras are few. There is plenty for seniors to do around town, including the Erikson Aircraft Collection and the Madras Saturday Market.

Westhaven Villa Assisted Living in Grays Harbor Washington

Westhaven Villa assisted living community, located in Grays Harbor, Washington, is ideal for seniors who prefer cooler temperatures and more precipitation within a wonderful coastal community. With temperatures between 40 and 70 year-round, you or your loved one will almost always enjoy the perfect conditions in which to stroll along one of the many community beaches, explore the Quinault Rain Forest or meander through the local farmer’s market and craft fair.

Creekside Place Memory Care in Battle Ground, Washington

Rated as one of the best places to live in Battle Ground, Creekside Place memory care community is located in a beautifully temperate climate and plenty to do for seniors. Moreover, it’s right on the border of Oregon, with Portland just a short drive away. Residents of this memory care community have access to numerous parks, friendly boutiques, museums, galleries, and more with frequent outings coordinated by the team at Creekside Place.

Prioritize Location When Searching for the Right Community

The bottom line is that location matters in a senior home. From the atmosphere to ease of transportation to things to do, several location-related factors can affect an older person’s physical and mental well-being. To increase the likelihood that your elderly loved one will not just be comfortable but that he or she will thrive, prioritize location when searching for the right senior living community. Because this is a decision you shouldn’t have to make on your own, contact the team at Caring Places for help and guidance.

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