Caring Places Provide Small Home-Like Communities

Since 1991 Caring Places have prided themselves in owning and operating small home-like assisted living and memory care communities.  We feel there are a number of advantages our smaller community size offers; stronger connections between residents and caregivers, closer relationships between residents, the ability to provide individualized care plans to meet the individual needs of each resident and many more.

As Caring Places Management has grown we continue to welcome smaller home-like communities to our company.  Our mission is “Exceeding Expectations for Loving, Thoughtful Care” and we are able to do that in smaller settings with higher ratio of staff to residents.

Market Watch just published an article noting the upward trend in popularity of small home-like care communities. It reads in part, “The small assisted-living model, sometimes known as residential care or board and care facilities, has evolved tremendously over the past 20 years and more of these homes are opening every week. Concerns about the health and safety of residents during the pandemic in traditional, larger assisted living facilities, is one reason interest has been growing.”

“Residents may not have the same access to some larger group activities but, now more than ever, people are realizing that a smaller home environment may be a safer and more convenient option.”

Some of the typical benefits of small assisted living communities vs. large ones:

• A more intimate setting that feels like a home
• A deeper relationship with caregivers
• A higher level of staffing with faster response times
• The ability to live in a residential neighborhood
• Easier control of viruses
• Easier to accommodate visits from family members
• Home-cooked meals

“You can also find small assisted living homes in the $2,500 a month to $4,500 a month range where rooms are bigger, the food fancier, and staffing a bit better. Some small residential assisted living communities take residents who are on government support, reducing the cost.”

For the full article click here.

Caring Places goal is also to provide these critical Assisted Living and Memory Care services to small underserved communities.  It is our hope that in providing these types of services in smaller communities within the Pacific Northwest we are able to keep loved ones close to their families. We understand how difficult the decision can be to choose the ‘right place’ for an aging senior. It is our hope that when living at home is no longer and option, you can choose one of our Caring Places to call home.

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