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Our community at River Terrace Memory Care is a diverse group with unique backgrounds and interests. Because of this, we strive to create an activities calendar that has something appealing for everyone. We consider our residents family and we love watching them play, learn and enjoy their days.

Our daily activities are chosen with three concepts in mind: the physicality of staying active, enhancing cognition and providing an outlet for social interaction. We want to keep our residents fit while challenging their mental acuteness while appreciating the company of others.

“Life Enrichment has grown tremendously in the last 10 years, which is an amazing thing, in my opinion.  Activities should be well-balanced, covering many areas of physical, cognitive and emotional wellness.  I have developed, with a team of physical therapists, a progressive exercise program for seniors,” said Life Enrichment Coordinator, Anthony Nosen.

To achieve this, Nosen and his team balance out various days with physical classes like Seated Strength, Better Balance, Gentle Yoga and son, a circuit training/endurance class will be added. For cognitive activities, Nosen admits it can be tricky, but knowing your residents is vital to helping craft activities to explore their capabilities.

Residents participate in trivia, sensory stimulation and brain-building activities to get the synapses re-firing. Music is on the top of the list with a variety of approaches: performers, music therapy, interactive sing-alongs or play-along, as well as a music presence throughout the day at River Terrace. Other creative approaches include theater therapy, art therapy, pet therapy and laughter therapy.

Learn more about our larger events next month. Call River Terrace today to schedule a tour.

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