A Year Unlike Any Other

An unprecedented year.  That phrase became a common refrain this year.  Unprecedented applied to everything, from the spread of novel coronavirus; to schools, businesses, and nations being locked down for the sake of preventing a public health crisis.  Many of us added new words to our vocabularies that outside the medical industry no one knew, pandemic, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), N-95, quarantine, infection control protocols, and the list goes on.  Every individual, family, community, employee, business, and industries, have been impacted by the events of this year.  We have all heard stories of tragedy, loss, isolation, anxiety, depression, and insecurity but, we have been amazed and overwhelmed by stories of growth, unity, strength, resilience, camaraderie and HOPE.

The long term care industry have faced significant challenges, set backs, ever changing restrictions and implementation of infection protocols at an unprecedented rate. Long term care communities have been the center of attention in the media when addressing the needs of the most vulnerable populations.  Restrictions were implemented to protect the most vulnerable but they didn’t come without consequence. Visitation limits have been difficult for all but especially residents and their families. Communities have had outbreaks requiring lockdowns.  Residents have been plagued with loneliness and isolation.  Long term care communities across the nation have pivoted in their strategies for care, increased training, tweaked processes, implemented new technology, and tailored their care for each resident to adapt to this ‘new normal’.

Caring Places Management is no exception. We have faced many of these obstacles and challenges. Instead of focusing our thoughts on the challenges we have encountered this year,  we want to highlight the valiant efforts of each of our communities to keep our residents happy and healthy. Caring Places couldn’t have made it through this unprecedented year without a tremendous team effort.  It is challenging to express the amount of gratitude and appreciation we have for each and everyone of our staff members.  We cherish each one of our residents and we are honored to be entrusted with their care.

Exceeding expectations for loving, thoughtful care has been our mission since day one. Our incredible teams of administrators, office managers, caregivers, med aides, dietary staff, housekeepers, and maintenance crew have made our mission possible and successful.  Our caregivers are heroes, they have stepped up to the challenge working all hours of the day to keep our residents healthy. They have spent countless hours enjoying one on one activities with each resident and helping them stay connected with their families through FaceTime and Zoom calls.  Many staff have worked double shifts to meet the needs of their residents.  They have sacrificed time away from their families at home to be with their families at their communities.  There have been sleepless nights for our Administrators worrying about the health and safety of their residents and staff.  We could not do what we do without the incredible support, patience and resiliency of our residents and their families. Words cannot express our gratitude for the love, generosity, kindness, and support we have felt from the communities that surround each one of our Caring Place locations.

In reflection of this year we will count our blessings that came from facing adversity. We have been blessed with genuine relationships, growth and prosperity, a renewed sense of hope and gratitude. We hope that you share our sentiment in a renewed hope for a healthier and happier year ahead.  Goodbye 2020 and hello to 2021!  Let’s make it a great year!

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