Youth Performance

Easthaven Villa – Yelm, WA

Yelm Seventh-day Adventist Church youth group came to perform for our residents. The youth group is led by Janeen Babas, the sister of our resident, Larry Houser. The youth group started raising money to go to Florida to help with hurricane relief; while they were able to raise the funds to got to Florida, unfortunately it wasn’t in time to help with relief efforts.

The youth group still wanted to go to Florida, so they put together an hour-long program with skits and Christian music and performed for assisted living and nursing homes in Florida. Janeen said that when they returned from Florida, the youth group asked why they hadn’t performed for Easthaven Villa were Larry lives.

They were wonderful! We are so glad that they thought of us and we would love for them to come back anytime. A big thank you to Yelm Seventh-day Adventist Church youth group for a wonderful afternoon of music.


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