Twenty-Eight Years and Still Going Strong

One of the biggest challenges facing seniors today is understanding the cost of living in an assisted living and determining quality of care. An additional challenge is knowing what questions to ask, who to ask and who to trust!

When it comes to cost, families need to evaluate the cost of “staying at home” and the cost of “moving”. Many seniors and their families fail to consider their costs in maintaining their current home.

Especially, when they pay others or ask family members to perform on-going upkeep and repairs. There is also the emotional impact for keeping someone in their home longer than needed. Being emotionally isolated from peers and activities is not a healthy choice. For families in the sandwich generation, there is work, children to raise, and now the added worry about the person you love living on their own.

It’s been said that daily, at least 100 people in the Portland metro area are looking for assisted living. If you’re one of the 100, look no further than your own back yard!

For 28 years, when it comes to trust, quality care and integrity, The Forest Grove Beehive Assisted Living is a well-known and respected member of our community. “While affordability is a priority, The Beehive’s central focus is on the care and financial welfare of our residents.” If you, are looking for a supportive new home for a loved one, please call: The Beehive: 503-357-6409.

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