Memory Care in Oregon

Dear Caring Places residents and loved ones,

You may have read or heard about the Oregonian story that was recently published, which focused on memory care communities in Oregon. I want to write to you today to reassure you that the quality care and satisfaction of residents in each of our Caring Places is our number one priority.

Each of our Caring Places must comply with numerous compliance standards, along with state and federal laws, that protect our residents, including self-reporting of incidences of potential abuse. We regularly receive unannounced visits, surveys, and inspections by state regulators who conduct rigorous examinations of all facets of our community including fire and life safety, resident quality of care and quality of life, health systems impacting resident care, and more. We strive to self-regulate every day and identify our own issues, but when an issue is discovered, either by our staff, you notifying us, or by state regulators, we work quickly to remedy the issue.

In addition to working with regulators, we follow professional best practices. From in-service trainings to continuing education courses, we make a priority of ensuring our staff are well-trained to deliver quality care to our residents.   You trust us to provide quality care for our residents. Each day, we do everything we can to fulfill that promise. As our mission statement reads, we strive to “exceed expectations for loving, thoughtful care.”

Just this last week I received the following letter from a family member of a resident at one of our memory care communities. With their permission, I’d like to share these comments; not to boast, but rather to show a side of the story that you won’t read in the news article because it doesn’t generate headlines:


This is a brief note to send a sincere thanks to you and your organization for the fabulous care and attention my father, (name removed) received in your Port Townsend, San Juan Villa facility.  Charity and her team did an outstanding job of making my father’s final days so much better than we could have expected.  He was welcomed and given the attention he deserves during his short stay in the facility.  He was the happiest we had seen him in a few years and my mother was so relieved that she didn’t need to ‘defend’ him against shoddy care and injury.

 Charity ran the operation smoothly and efficiently without us ever feeling that we were asking for anything more than we had the right to ask for.  This was never the case at the other local facilities in which he stayed.  We visited him almost daily and continued to be amazed at how the staff would greet us by name and always knew where he was and what had been going on with him.  Even the folks not directly involved with caring went out of their way to treat (name removed) and us well and always with a pleasant word and attitude.  This is all a credit to Charity and the operation she is running at San Juan Villa.

Thanks again and kudos to your great team in Port Townsend!                                                  

– Peter O.

This letter is why we do what we do! Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly if you have any questions or concerns.



Marvin Pratt, CEO

Caring Places Management

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