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Caring Places Management provides quality caregiving services for your loved ones.

Become the Best Caregiver You Can Be

Caregiving is a role that can creep up on you, especially when the progression of your loved one’s condition is gradual. You may start by accompanying a parent to the doctor’s office or helping with the laundry, but over time, your caregiver duties expand into more comprehensive assistance. Becoming a family caregiver is a huge commitment, and it can weigh…
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Exercise and physical activity can slow down the progression of Dementia

Potential Benefits of Physical Activity for Dementia

While it may not be possible to reverse or cure dementia, exercise and physical activity can slow it down. Physical activity may also help prevent people from developing dementia in the first place. How Can Exercise Help Reduce Dementia Risk? Some risk factors for dementia are uncontrollable. For example, genetic mutations can cause conditions such as Alzheimer’s or Huntington’s disease,…
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making the holidays enjoyable for people living with dementia

Enjoying the Holidays While Caring for a loved one with Dementia

Caring Places Management recommends and requests to please adhere to local and state requirements relative to Covid-19 during the 2020 holiday season. While the holiday season is supposed to be one of joy and happiness, it can be stressful to manage the different elements of presents, meals, traveling, and parties. The holidays can become infinitely more complicated, especially in families…
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Learn about the different caring facilities between nursing homes, independent living, and memory care.

The Difference in Care Types

Over the next 40 years, the number of Americans over 65 is set to jump to 95 million individuals. The increase in the older population will continue to drive demand for care facilities. The health and physical needs of an aging population vary greatly. You may have a loved one dealing with cognitive decline in addition to the physical deterioration…
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Caring Places Provide Small Home-Like Communities

Since 1991 Caring Places have prided themselves in owning and operating small home-like assisted living and memory care communities.  We feel there are a number of advantages our smaller community size offers; stronger connections between residents and caregivers, closer relationships between residents, the ability to provide individualized care plans to meet the individual needs of each resident and many more.…
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Caring Places Management nursing home atmosphere provides residents with the care they need.

What To Expect From A Memory Care Facility And Who Is It For?

What Is Dementia? Dementia is a broad term that addresses memory loss and cognitive decline in problem-solving, language, and thinking ability that interfere with daily life. While Alzheimer’s accounts for more than half of dementia cases, any abnormal brain changes that impair everyday routines can be considered dementia. Though these conditions interrupt processing and thinking skills, they can also alter…
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Taking loved ones to nursing homes during COVID

Is it Safe to Move a Loved One Into Assisted Living or Memory Care During COVID?

Despite the great strides the healthcare community and medical professionals have made against COVID-19, there are still many uncertainties for those most vulnerable to the virus. The challenges are more than just physical for family members who are tasked with providing full-time home care to aging adults struggling with dementia or memory loss. It is a serious and stressful job…
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Communities Rally Together

As the wildfires spread throughout our state we knew that there would be a chance that we would have to evacuate any community that might be threatened.  We were prepared with an evacuation plan for those communities possibly impacted by the wildfires.  Unfortunately, as the wildfires continued to spread two of our communities decided, out of an abundance of caution,…
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National Assisted Living Week

“Established in 1995 by the National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL), National Assisted Living Week® (NALW) provides a unique opportunity for residents, their loved ones, staff, volunteers, and local communities to recognize the role of assisted living in caring for America’s seniors and individuals with disabilities. This year, COVID has been an enormous, unforeseen challenge that has resulted in every…
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